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Scare City


March 1998


Scare City searches for a middle ground between art and commercialism. How successful and lauded can you be before you become an institution? How can you tell what is art and what is image?

For the musician there is always a struggle against past successes. To the public, your breakthroughs are what define you as a star - and not everyone is happy when you try to move on to your next interest.

There is a risk with massive success that you may grow too far detached from the particular grasp of the real world that allowed you to comment on it so successfully. The sentiments of songs become stereotypical and cease to have meaning; you become something to be owned and played but no longer listened to.


Take another day of afterglow
And put it down as luck
Another place has turned to gold
In my dominion
Too much more of happiness
And I will turn to gold myself
Made of curiosities
Placid on my shelf

Rewards for scarcity
This is my reward for scarcity

I will see more dawns than coins
I will be the text on art
I can't stand too much attention
Pull me closer, pull me closer
I will criticise this state of art
Yet i will crave this risen part

Rewards for scarcity
This is my reward for scarcity

Mixes / MP3s

Scare City (Solo Mix)

Recorded and mixed by Peter (with engineering by Gerald) before the band was formed. The Solo Mix attempted to mimic a live performance by a rock band, complete with the singer clearing his throat and the audience whistling, cheering and screaming. This was related to the fact that the song is all about fame, art and commercialism. This was the first recorded mix of the song.