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Fashion In Denim


August 1998


Fashion In Denim questions why ordinary things cease to be seen as ordinary things when associated with extraordinary people. It questions the awe and worship given to the world of glitz and glamour.

What separates the things that we superficially desire from those that give us inner fulfilment?


One by one they shake their turn
Picture perfect every time
A frosty glance; the camera burns
They may as well be naked

The promise of possibility
We talk of love and middle-class
But do they know I'm deadly?
Will they care when they're screaming my name?

Expressful and right; can you be anyone?
Expressful and right; I can be anyone

Fashion in denim with a beau right beside
They drink all my beer and trash my house
Worship in words just for others to hear
Unaware their souls are naked

Stripped of all encumberment
She breaks and weeps away my cash
Her minder's waiting right outside
But she is not paid to confide

Expressful and right; can you be anyone?
Expressful and right; I can be anyone

Break from chasing fountains
I turn to my girlfriend
She is a happy imperfection
To be loved like cool, fresh living

I should be naked, honest and true
Do what I love; love what I do

Mixes / MP3s

Fashion In Denim (Solo Mix)

Recorded and mixed by Peter (with engineering by Gerald) before the band was formed. The Solo Mix was made by recording instruments and vocal takes one at a time and then mixing them together and adding effects to give the song its dark atmosphere. This was the first recorded mix of the song.