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Just Cruisin'


March 1998


Just Cruisin' was originally written for the soundtrack of a South Australian movie called The Gift. Unfortunately, the film was never released.

This has always felt like a "travelling" or "journey" song. The repetitiveness of the melody provides a safe, predictable environment (that which you have left behind) while the strange and swooping string parts revel and experiment in what the future might bring.


No lyrics.

Mixes / MP3s

Just Cruisin' (Solo Mix)

Recorded and mixed by Peter (with engineering by Gerald) before the band was formed. The Solo Mix was the version recorded for use in the soundtrack of The Gift (though the film was never released). This version is melancholic yet uplifting, providing a smooth, sweet melody that complements the preoccupation often experienced in reflecting on what has been left behind and what may be around the corner. This was the first recorded mix of the song.