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I, Blemish


March 1997


How do your attitudes affect other people - and vice versa? Don't be too keen to read a situation and pass judgement. Don't be afraid to reassess your own understanding.

I, Blemish is a song about plans... making them; dealing with how things actually work out; being happy (and occasionally thankful) for where the cards fall.

Sometimes you are happy just to get out alive - because sometimes not everyone makes it.


Down where the rivers meet and perhaps we two as well
I met no truth in wondering
Though rumours are my bread and wine no longer do I wish to dine
Best fare is sought by those with hunger
While I, thankful for the silence held my breath as all went well
As all has held my tongue between this dangerous kiss and tell
Their voices spoke of bread and wine and I, allowed to live with mine
A loophole in the grand design, I, blemish

Still the truth may not be known I took it to my grave so well
No broken glass without a stone
Projectiles none as I have thrown; hails of lead as I, aside
Prayed the heavens open wide
And take these sheriffs to their rest, but jesus knows the lord knew best
Took my leave from battle then; belief may save the lowest men
Their voices spoke of tide and time and I, allowed to live with mine
A loophole in the grand design, I, blemish

Crucified and taken down, at last a foot upon the ground
A lazy eye glares a heavenwards
Over me they stood and cried "What have we done?
It's true there was a god and this, it seems, his only son."
The faithful point away and scream that evil lives but there and there
And purity alone in them
Their voices spoke of death sublime; am I allowed to live with mine?
A loophole in my grand design, I, blemish.

Mixes / MP3s

I, Blemish (Solo Mix)

Recorded and mixed by Peter (with engineering by Gerald) before the band was formed. The Solo Mix tries to keep a raw quality by minimising the use of effects and foregoing much of the patching and cleaning of the recordings. This was the first recorded mix of the song.