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Act Five Loser


December 1997


The phrase, Act Five Loser, is a reference to Shakespeare's plays, wherein all the important characters are generally killed off in Act III, leaving only the peripheral or less important characters alive by the end of Act V.

The song itself is about the party lifestyle that many pursue in their late teens and early twenties, sometimes simply because that seems to be what's expected by peers. It's an occasionally shameful salute to binge drinking and casual sex, the mistakes that are often made in their pursuit, and the inevitable need for damage control the next day.


The pale new morning is a blessing on us all
The empty bottles speak of a Shakespeare tragedy
But I lie crumpled in the arms of Ophelia
And my apathy could make empires fall

But all this struggle is for nothing
If I don't get back home
To the one I tell I love

The red-eye morning is a lesson to us all
When spirits past come back to haunt you
I had my trouble, took a drink and watched it double
And now I've lost track of the shit I'm for

But in this attitude I'll leave it to you
To work out what's worth more
And if I really care at all

I'll soon be returning to Bianca my sweetheart
But come kiss me Kate cos' I adore you
I'll swear 'til I'm sour that you're my finest hour
That I've found what I need and will look no more

But come tomorrow I'll be out there again
For fifteen minutes of fame
With another player in the game

So it's true, I'm not through playing act five losers
Why do they cry when it's only lines I'm reading?
Hey, take two -- you're not screwed just because I'm leaving
I can deny I feel anything in one last look at you

Mixes / MP3s

Act Five Loser (Demo Mix)

Recorded by Vent (Peter, Gerald, David, Mike, Darren) in April 2005 for our first demo. Vaguely brit-pop in style.