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2009 - updates

I'm continuing to add the occasional mp3 to the site and also fix up a few bugs here and there. Yes, there is occasionally new content!

2007 - out to pasture...?

After some success and some great songs, Vent is no more. My recordings continue to be available here, along with the newer Vent tracks. Enjoy!

jun 2005 - return to sender

R6 has entered the next stage! We are now VENT - please check out the new site at

apr 2005 - what's in a name?

We're changing our name. Can I just say it is incredibly difficult to find a name that four people can agree on. If anyone has any bright ideas, please let me know.

apr 2005 - drummer no longer required!

If you're an interested drummer, please put devote that interest to a more worthy cause! We're right for drummers at the moment, but a big thank-you to all those who got in touch.

Speaking of which, welcome, Darren! Actually, he's been with us a few months now, but I will be slack with the web site...

nov 2004 - debut gig november 21

We have our debut performance on Sunday 21 November at Maxim's Wine Bar (194 The Parade, Norwood). The event will go from 5:00pm to 8:00pm and we'll be playing for about an hour. Entry is free. See you there!

Update: Thanks to everyone who came - we had an audience of about 75 people. Not bad for a quiet debut! Many thanks to everyone who helped organise stuff. Pics and video to go up shortly, promise. Lee, our new drummer, appeared in four songs, too.

jul 2004 - drummer wanted

We're looking for a drummer, if you're interested... Please check out our mp3s (and imagine them 100% better with YOUR contribution!) and get in touch. You'll need to be able to play in a variety of styles and have a rapier sharp wit (feed lines will be supplied).

may 2004 - welcome aboard, Mike

We'd like to welcome Mike Both to the band, purveyor of bass riffs both crunchy and chewy.